A downloadable game

A 3 player rpg about diving into the subconscious in order to gather information and perform the perfect heist.

Kickstarted in Feb 2019 - To Be Released August 2020

Writing and game design by Ray Olsen, Illustrated by Thomas Slattery, Sensitivity reading by Catherine Liao, Layout and Editing by Ella Romero.

In Dream World Mercenaries, the players are aiming to implant or obtain information that will help them complete a heist without excess use of force. This is accomplished by entering the subject’s dreams and manipulating thier subconscious. You may choose your role in the team, plot, gather information and then dive into the aquarium of the mind. But be warned, it’s possible to be trapped in your own mind as a result. Balance the risk with the promise of reward and consult your team.

Development log