A downloadable game

A short form ttrpg for 3 players + 1 musher where you play as a team of 3 young sled dogs trying to make it home through RUFF terrain.

Game Design by Mary Georgescu, Art by Liz Enright, Adventures by Daniel Hansen & Cleo Keahna Warrior, Edits and Layout by Ella Romero.

Kickstarted in Feb 2019 - To Be Released August 2020

In The Great Bork Team players deal with consequences of being young sled dogs on their first long journey into the world. The passing down of a position to a new dog is more about fitting in with an experienced team and sharing knowledge of the trail than it is tracing a genetic lineage. Players will be completely communicating in one word barks to each other in order to be able to deal with new things that happen along the way while attempting to prove to their hoomin friend that they are in fact the greatest borks this team could have ever hoped for.


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